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Corporate Cakes gives you the advantage

Using a Baker Yourself

Can you order a cake by calling a local baker?
Can you be assured the baker you choose is a great baker?
Well... NO.
Does the baker have the capability of producing edible images?
Well... NO
Does the baker have the ability to deliver to other States?
Well... NO
(unless they ship it
... can you picture a shipped cake delivered 3 days later? ...we can’t).

Using Corporate Cakes

Can you have multiple logo cakes or cupcakes delivered on the same day during the same time frame (to multiple locations even) by making
ONE PHONE CALL to Corporate Cakes?

Call 1-877-761-8580

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“I personally guarantee that every cake you order will be delivered on the day you need it there or you will get a free cake!
-Dottie Wachter, President, Corporate Cakes”

NOTE: Please provide at least 10 days advance notice on all orders with edible images.
Rush fees apply to orders with less than 10 days notice. All cakes and cupcakes are freshly baked and hand delivered by our bakers throughout the U.S.

How We Do It

Fresh Baked

Cakes are baked locally the morning of and delivered by the baker.

Edible Images

We can apply your logo to cakes, cupcakes, or cookies as edible cake toppers.

Order Specialists

A dedicated order specialist will be with you every step of the way to ensure a successful delivery and peace of mind. 1 877-761-8580

Customized Packages

Let us customize your order even more by taking along your marketing materials, our place settings, gift bags and cake servers to help make the delivery even sweeter!

multi-location delivery


Multiple location deliveries and advanced confirmation services are available.


Where there’s a cake, there’s a party!
Plan Corporate Cake delivery now by calling us at: 1 877-761-8580

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A Perfect Way to Celebrate!

North Central Group has been contacting Corporate Cakes to help them celebrate and thank their hotel properties across the U.S.  This is our fifth year delivering our freshly baked, beautifully decorated cakes for them.

Call us at 1 877 761 8580 and we’ll help YOU celebrate!


Reliable Excellence!

“Reliable Excellence!

We utilize Corporate Cakes custom designed cakes in our Customer Success Program. The cakes are always beautiful, delicious, and delivered exactly when and where promised, for customers all across the US. They have become an integral part of building fantastic relationships with our customers, and we look forward to working with Corporate Cakes for a long time to come.”

-Neal Beaty
Tasktop Technologies

Product Portfolio

Logo Cupcakes

Can be trimmed in various frosting colors.


Cupcakes using a variety of edible images.

Hand-Decorated Cakes

Hand-decorated/written cakes are also available.

Logo Sheet Cake

Mingledorffs 75 Year Anniversary

Full Image Sheet Cakes

Deliver one or many to each location.

Full Image Sheet Cake

Full color photo as an edible image.

Round Logo Cake

Circular logos fit well on round cakes.

Logo Cookies

Individually wrapped logo cookies.

Logo Cookie

Individually wrapped for any occasion.

Product Details & Pricing

Have a full sheet cake WITH your logo, including delivery, for as little as $2.40 per person!

Logo Cakes -

Round cake: Serves 10 to 12 people
Quarter Sheet: Serves 15 to 20 people
Half Sheet: Serves 30 to 40 people
Full Sheet: Serves 70 to 80 people

  • Available in quarter, half, full, or round.

  • Flavor, color trim, and filling are entirely customizable

  • Topped with an edible image or text

  • Always freshly baked and hand delivered

Logo Cakes

Logo Cupcakes -

Minimum order of
2 dozen cupcakes
per location.

  • Option to choose a different logo or graphic for each dozen we deliver

  • Edible image space spans 2.13 in.

  • Flavor, and color trim are customizable

  • Always freshly baked and hand delivered

Logo Cupcakes

Logo Cookies -

Minimum Order: 2 Dozen.

  • Great for hand outs at conventions and trade shows

  • Individually cellophane bagged cookies tied with a ribbon color of your choice

  • Shipped to arrive on the day you need them

Logo Cookies

Accessorize! -

  • Include your own marketing materials.

  • Plates, napkins, plasticware

  • plastic tablecloths